Author: Jerolyn Kelley

It all started in 1986 when a young AIMer came to Scotland. Jean Schneider from Elim Tabernacle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin gave her all to help in any way she could with our pioneer work.

One of the evangelism ideas we used was to set up a table in a local mall and advertise home Bible studies. Jean was part of the team along with veteran missionary, the late Bill Thompson. Jean was approached by a lady coming from the library loaded with books so she could study and try to find the answers she needed in life. Jean approached this lady about a Bible study and consequently a study began.

In her own words, Nan said, “I was walking in our shopping mall when I saw a stall set up which seemed to say something about the Holy Spirit. I approached it without much enthusiasm because I had been disappointed so many times before. A lovely young woman from the United Pentecostal Church came and spoke to me and offered me a home Bible study. I warmed to her, and thus began two years of solid Bible teaching and soul-searching. I was afraid of counterfeits. My Bible teachers continued patiently though I tried them sorely. They endured my resistance and rudeness and just kept on coming as long as I was willing. They had been sent at exactly the right time in God’s plan for me. I was filled with the Holy Ghost and after a very long time I finally received a revelation on the oneness of God. Pastor Kelley then baptized me in the name of Jesus.”

It would still be a good story if that was all there was to it. However, that was only the beginning. Twenty-eight years later Jean came back for a visit to Scotland and had the privilege of meeting so many spiritual children she didn’t know she had. You see, Nan (who has now passed away) brought Margie who brought Helen who brought the Melrose Family who brought the Watson Family. Frances Watson invited the Nicol Family and the King Family. One of the Melrose boys brought Rosalyn and David Broadley and Mary Jo Getliffe. Presently, there are sixteen people attending the church in Glasgow . . . all because an AIMer named Jean Schneider gave her loaves and fishes and was brave enough to stand in a mall and initiate a Bible study. Interestingly, one of these “spiritual children” is now doing missions work under AIM UK which is a programme for British people to be involved in short term missions work. Eight of these people have graduated from Harvest Bible College here in Glasgow and are pursuing ministry.

You never know how far reaching your one effort to reach a soul may be. Jean never knew that just reaching to one lady named Nan would have such far reaching and long lasting results. She was just an ordinary person on an ordinary day giving her all to Jesus and extraordinary results have occurred. If everyone will reach one we can see this world saved—just one soul at a time!