Brazil: Service

We are looking for either an individual, couple, or AIM team to come and help in Brazil! Missionaries Ken and Isabel Cooper need an MK Homeschooling Assistant for MKs Justyn (10) and Janaey (5) for the school year! Beneficial but NOT REQUIRED: Experience in children’s ministry such as altar working, crusades or puppets, experience with music (sings or plays an instrument), experience in construction, church administration, evangelism, or church planting and growth. There are housing accommodations on the field and the AIMer(s) would use a shared vehicle.

This listing is for a single female or couple/team for a 3 month term. The projected arrival date is summer 2019.

Tentative Budget

$700/month per adult – not including airfare

*Upon appointment, the final AIM budget will include 10% administrative fees, monthly account maintenance fees, and required medical insurance.

MKs Justin and Janaey Cooper

MK Janaey Cooper