Bern, Switzerland: Various Ministry Opportunities

It order to meet the incredible open doors God has given us in this region, we are always looking for AIMers that are willing to step out by faith and do what they have never done before. Opportunities are endless. Do you want to assist in discipling non-affiliated and formerly Trinitarian churches? Do you want to get in on the ground floor of churches starting in cities for the first time? Then this is your field. You will be able to be involved in Bible Schools, Bible studies, evangelism, church planting, preaching, youth ministry, administration, media, and more! AIMers will rent an AirBnB apartment and travel by public transit.

This listing is for a couple/family/team or single female for a 3 month term. The projected arrival date is January 2019.

Tentative Budget

$2,700/month per adult + $500 for local/national conferences – not including airfare

*Upon appointment, the final AIM budget will include 10% administrative fees, monthly account maintenance fees, and required medical insurance.

Home baptism in Switzerland!