Uruguay: Deputation Replacement Team

The Missionaries in Uruguay are looking for a single male to serve on a team during the family’s deputation. The AIMer will be working along side a minimum of 2 additional single male AIMers. The team will share the responsibilities of caring for a new church (started by the Missionary family) while the Palma family deputizes. Responsibilities include: Preaching, Teaching, Music, home Bible Studies, cell groups, evangelism, food pantry assistance, and other community service opportunities.

The AIMers will live in the Missionary family’s furnished home with two other single male AIMers on the team and divide expenses three ways. Either public or automobile can be used for transportation.

This listing is for a single male or team for a 12-month term. The projected arrival date is December 2020.

Tentative Budget

$1,365/month – not including airfare or visa costs

*Upon appointment, the final AIM budget will include 10% administrative fees, monthly account maintenance fees, and required medical insurance.