111-04 Nigeria: Ministry

Nigeria: Bible School Instructor We are looking for a mature couple with pastoring experience that can instruct for Bible school with adult students.  Adminstrative skills needed.  Able to oversee operations of school for 3 months.  Nigeria is a challenging, yet rewarding field.  Housing and school are within 3 minutes walking distance. We [...]

113-01 Ghana: Ministry

Ghana: Children's Ministry If you have a heart for children and love to serving through teaching this is a tremendous opportunity to learn, grow, and make an impact upon the lives of Ghanaian children as well as two amazing MKs named Allanah and Stephen. We are looking for someone, single or couple, who [...]

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111-02 Ghana: Ministry

Ghana: Bible School Teacher If you have an interest in teaching and/or feel that this is your gifting then this is a tremendous opportunity to pursue. We prefer that you are a Bible School Graduate. Must be teachable and willing to work! We are looking for someone, single or couple, who is [...]

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136-01 Ghana: Career

Ghana: IT/Media Ministry We are looking for someone to work with multi media in the area of graphic design and videography. It is important that this individual has experience and/or the willingness to learn marketing and how to effectively promote material across social media. Must have the desire to learn and grow! [...]

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