4111-01 Benin/CAR: Ministry

Benin/CAR: Various Ministry Opportunities Missionaries Michael and Danan Benson are in need of a couple or team to help in various ministries in Benin/Central African Republic in Africa! They are looking for young adults willing to learn French and work with the nationals in children's and youth ministry as well as evangelism. [...]

1111-01 Senegal: Ministry

Senegal: Various Ministry Opportunities Enjoy meeting new people? Single/Couples/Families/Retirees - YOU are needed in the Harvest Field. Do you have a burden for souls? The work in Senegal is in the beginning stages. Think HOME MISSIONS in another country! They held their first services in October 2017. Approximately 50% of the population [...]

139-01 Senegal: Career

Senegal: Teaching UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: We are looking for English Teachers to be AIMers in the city of Dakar. This opportunity is unique because you would work through one of the local non-UPCI affiliated schools listed below. This is an opportunity for teachers who want to teach abroad and work with Missionaries Craig [...]

111-04 Nigeria: Ministry

Nigeria: Bible School Instructor Missionaries Steve and Yvette Phelps are looking for a mature couple with pastoral experience that can instruct adult students at the Bible in Nigeria, Africa.  Administrative skills needed.  Able to oversee operations of school for 3 months.  Nigeria is a challenging, yet rewarding field.  Housing and school are [...]

111-03 Kenya: Ministry

Kenya: Bible School Instructor Missionaries Patrick and Jean Groves are in search of a Bible School Instructor in Kenya, Africa! They are looking for a single male, couple/family or team (max size 7) to assist in teaching at the Bible school. They also teach English at the Bible school, so AIMer must [...]

113-01 Ghana: Ministry

Ghana: Children's Ministry The children of Ghana, Africa need an AIMer with a heart for children and a love of serving through teaching.  This is a tremendous opportunity to learn, grow, and make an impact upon the lives of Ghanaian children as well as two amazing MKs named Allanah and Stephen. Missionaries Nick [...]

111-02 Ghana: Ministry

Ghana: Bible School Teacher Ghana, Africa needs an AIMer that is interested in teaching and/or feel that teaching or Bible school classes is their gifting. They prefer the AIMer is a Bible school graduate, and must be teachable and willing to work! This listing is for a single or couple/team for a [...]

136-01 Ghana: Career

Ghana: IT/Media Missionaries Nick and Pam Sisco are looking for someone to work with multi media in the area of graphic design and videography in Ghana, Africa! It is important that this AIMer has experience and/or the willingness to learn marketing skills as well as how to effectively promote material across social [...]

111-01 Gabon: Ministry

Gabon: Teaching and Administration Gabon, Africa needs experienced AIMers! ECOLE DES DISCIPLES, a Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS) school, in the beautiful city of Libreville. This country is ripe for revival, and there is a great need for help!  Superintendent Desiré needs a single or married couple to go and oversee their [...]