Embracing the Season of Life During the Holiday Season

Author: Jim Poitras I’ve been blessed to make my mobile office in far flung places and click away at the latest letter, blog, article or lesson. The surroundings were equally diverse. I once outlined the plan for two hundred lessons of Acts: God’s Training Manual for Today’s Church, which birthed [...]

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I Am Global

Author: Mike Long For today’s post I’m reaching back to the Global Missions Service at this year’s UPCI General Conference… thinking not only about the incredible things that God did that night, but the “trickle-down” effects of that service as well. $4.3 Million Dollars That’s what was raised in the [...]

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Sensing God’s Direction: Book Response

in Articles August 2, 2014 Here’s what I’ve noticed some people saying about the book Sensing God’s Direction recently: Kennadie Graves, Next Steps 2014 Finally had a chance to sit down and read this book and it is incredible! I highly recommend it to anyone! Brianna Wolterman, AYC Ghana That [...]

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