6111-01 Brazil: Ministry

Brazil: Various Opportunities We are looking to have an AIM task force come help us reach the nation of Brazil! We will take individual AIMers or a team. We would appreciate help from anyone with experience in children's ministry (such as altar working, crusades, puppets, etc), music, construction, administration, evangelism, church planting, [...]

4111-09 Romania: Ministry

Romania: Various Opportunities We are looking for  a mature and experienced couple or individual for the following: Assistant in the capital city, Bucharest. Travel to churches and home groups in Romania. Assist/Lead with music, Sunday school, evangelism, home Bibles studies, teaching, preaching, literature, and facility upkeep. Working with other AIMers. For more [...]

111-04 Nigeria: Ministry

Nigeria: Bible School Instructor We are looking for a mature couple with pastoring experience that can instruct for Bible school with adult students.  Administrative skills needed.  Able to oversee operations of school for 3 months.  Nigeria is a challenging, yet rewarding field.  Housing and school are within 3 minutes walking distance. We [...]

5111-03 Vanuatu: Ministry

Vanuatu: Ministry Needful areas are Bible school teaching, preaching, administrative work, building skills, and other areas are welcome. This AIM opportunity is open to a single for 3 months. Tentative Budget $5,000 Supervising missionaries, Brother and Sister Gration, with an AIM couple. Check out our [...]

4111-03 Ireland: Ministry

Ireland: Ministry  Evangelism, children's ministry, music, Bible studies, visitor follow-up, building, administration, preaching, media, working with other AIMers, ministers, and missionaries, etc. Tentative Budget $14,100 for one year $3,600 for three months Supervising missionary, Brother Cooney, preaching at a street service. Check out our Global [...]

315-01 Haiti: Ministry

Haiti: Ministry  Multiple opportunities in evangelism, Bible School administration and teaching, manual labor, translating, etc. for six months. For a long term trip, language is required. Short term trips are open to English speakers! For more information, click here! Tentative Budget Single- $13,200 (six months) Couple- $20,000 (six months) [...]

332-01 Guatemala: Career

Guatemala: Administration We are looking for a male to assist with administration duties at the Guatemala Bible School, travel throughout the country to Bible School sites, supervise visiting Apostolic Man teams, help in national and district events, etc for twelve months. Brief language school may be required. Tentative Budget $18,000 [...]

232-01 Japan: Career

Japan: Missionary Administrative Assistant We are looking for a Missionary Administrative Assistant with proficient skills in technology, writing newsletters, correspondence, and scheduling travels (i.e. flights, hotel, etc.). We are looking for someone, single or couple, who is willing to come for 12 months. Tentative Budget $28,500 for one year [...]

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111-01 Gabon: Ministry

Gabon: Teaching ECOLE DES DISCIPLES is a GATS school located in the beautiful city of Libreville, Gabon. This is a country ripe for revival. Superintendent Desiré, his leaders, and churches have been faithfully laboring to bring in this harvest of souls. However, there is a great need. There is a tremendous desire [...]