3111-01 French Guiana Ministry

French Guiana: Various Ministry Opportunities The Missionaries are looking for someone to visit the various churches in French Guiana and help with children's ministries. The AIMers would be responsible for their own housing and transportation while on the field. This listing is for a  couple, single male, or small family for a [...]

313-02 Haiti: Ministry

Haiti: Children's Ministry  Children's Ministry opportunities abound in Haiti! Missionaries Ron and Terry Brian are primarily looking for a single lady to work directly with children in the Children's Home, but the opportunities could also extend to the many schools and churches in the area. This AIM term would be nine months. [...]

315-01 Haiti: Ministry

Haiti: Various Ministry Opportunities There are multiple opportunities in Haiti for evangelism, Bible School administration and teaching, manual labor, translating, children's ministry, etc.!  Missionaries Ron and Terry Brian are looking for For an individual, couple/family or team (limit 10-15 people) to go to Haiti to help in various ministries based on the [...]

339-01 Nicaragua: Career

Nicaragua: Teaching We have a unique opportunity for certified teachers to teach in The American Nicaraguan School (ANS). This would be an excellent opportunity for someone to spend a full school year in Nicaragua at little cost to them. Recruited teachers are compensated for travel expenses, and may have access to on-campus [...]

352-01 Guatemala: Service

Guatemala: H. O. M. E.  We are looking for someone to work in the H.O.M.E. This is open for a 3 or 6 month AIM opportunity. In September of 2016, the doors of HOME International were opened to receive abandoned and abused children of Guatemala. We are fully accredited with the local [...]

332-01 Guatemala: Career

Guatemala: Administration We are looking for a male to assist with administration duties at the Guatemala Bible School, travel throughout the country to Bible School sites, supervise visiting Apostolic Man teams, help in national and district events, etc for twelve months. Brief language school may be required. Tentative Budget $18,000 [...]