454-01 Republic of Georgia: Service

Republic of Georgia: MK Homeschool Assistant  Missionaries Daniel and Tabitha DeTemple are in need of a female single AIMer or AIM team to come to The Republic of Georgia - the country not the state! This AIMer would focus on the homeschool education of their daughter as well as helping to pick [...]

1111-01 Senegal: Ministry

Senegal: Various Ministry Opportunities Enjoy meeting new people? Single/Couples/Families/Retirees - YOU are needed in the Harvest Field. Do you have a burden for souls? The work in Senegal is in the beginning stages. Think HOME MISSIONS in another country! They held their first services in October 2017. Approximately 50% of the population [...]

139-02 Senegal: Career

Senegal: ESL/TESL We need an AIMer to come and teach English in Dakar, Senegal in Africa with Missionaries Craig and Lyna Sully! There are many opportunities through the church and community for teaching English as a second language.  Approximately 50% of the population is under the age of 15, and the official [...]

219-04 Japan: Ministry

Japan: Ministry Helps We need an energetic single male to help the military church in Okinawa, Japan with Missionaries Fonzell and Vanencia Marsh. Work would include working in the media booth, music ministry (i.e. praise singing), outreach, Bible studies on military bases, assist with church/building projects, and generally assisting wherever needed. Housing [...]

219-03 Japan: Ministry

Japan: Music Ministry We need a couple/family or single female to help the Military church in Okinawa, Japan with Missionaries Fonzell and Vanencia Marsh. Work would include teaching children Sunday school (but not limited to children only) and music ministry (including: praise singer, worship leader, musician, and learning to use computer and [...]

313-02 Haiti: Ministry

Haiti: Children's Ministry  Children's Ministry opportunities abound in Haiti! Missionaries Ron and Terry Brian are primarily looking for a single lady to work directly with children in the Children's Home, but the opportunities could also extend to the many schools and churches in the area. This AIM term would be nine months. [...]

443-1 Bulgaria: Teams

Bulgaria: AIM Team We are looking for a team of 3-4 AIMers to come and help start a work in the capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria, population 1.2 million! We need the team to be prayerful, spiritual and adventuresome. We have added two documents for you to review for more details. Click [...]

554-01 Fiji: Service

Fiji: MK Homeschool Assistant  Missionaries Troy and Jennette Wickett are in need of a single lady whose main focus would be to assist in education of their two school-aged chilren three times a week. They would like the AIMer to fit in well with the Missionary Kids and have a love for [...]

6111-01 Brazil: Ministry

Brazil: Various Opportunities We are looking to have an AIM task force come help us reach the nation of Brazil! We will take individual AIMers or a team. We would appreciate help from anyone with experience in children's ministry (such as altar working, crusades, puppets, etc), music, construction, administration, evangelism, church planting, [...]

4111-10 Hungary: Ministry

Hungary: Various Opportunities We are looking for a single male or female to come and work in a new church plant in the capital city of Budapest, Hungary. The duties would include doing what is needed for outreach and services such as teaching Sunday school, church planting, music, teaching, cleaning, etc. The [...]