443-1 Bulgaria: Teams

Bulgaria: AIM Team We are looking for a team of 3-4 AIMers to come and help start a work in the capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria. We need the team to be prayerful, spiritual and adventuresome. We have added two documents for you to review for more details. Click here for more [...]

554-01 Fiji: Service

Fiji: MK Homeschool Assistant  We are looking for a single young lady whose main focus would be to assist in the schooling of two children three times a week. The Wickett’s are looking for somebody who would come and fit in well with the kids and have a love for children, and [...]

6111-01 Brazil: Ministry

Brazil: Various Opportunities We are looking to have an AIM task force come help us reach the nation of Brazil! We will take individual AIMers or a team. We would appreciate help from anyone with experience in children's ministry (such as altar working, crusades, puppets, etc), music, construction, administration, evangelism, church planting, [...]

4111-10 Hungary: Ministry

Hungary: Various Opportunities We are looking for a single male or female to come and work in a new church plant in the capital city of Budapest, Hungary. Doing waht is needed for outreach and for services - Sunday school, music, teaching, cleaning, etc. Requirement is to work in unity with the [...]

4111-09 Romania: Ministry

Romania: Various Opportunities We are looking for  a mature and experienced couple or individual for the following: Assistant in the capital city, Bucharest. Travel to churches and home groups in Romania. Assist/Lead with music, Sunday school, evangelism, home Bibles studies, teaching, preaching, literature, and facility upkeep. Working with other AIMers. For more [...]

139-01 Senegal: Career

Senegal: Teaching UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: We are looking for English Teachers to be AIMers here in the city of Dakar. This opportunity is unique because you would work through a local non-UPCI affiliated school. This is an opportunity for teachers who want to teach abroad and work with the missionary on the side. [...]

639-01 Uruguay: Career

Uruguay: Teaching We are looking for English Teachers to be AIMers here in San Jose de Mayo. We have already established private classes and also teaching in a private non-religious school four days a week (high school to kindergarten). Our current AIMers will be leaving soon and we want to continue the [...]

215-01 Cambodia: Ministry

Cambodia: Evangelism We are looking for an AIMer to help convert people to the accurate knowledge of God and His plan of salvation. You would be coming to help the missionary in the evangelization of the people of Cambodia and establishing new converts into the doctrine. Establishing new converts will take careful [...]

4111-07 Portugal: Ministry

Portugal: Multiple Opportunities We are looking for a single, couple, or family to come and work with us for three months in Portugal. The areas the AIMer(s) would be working in would depend on the strengths of the applicant. However, there are opportunities in teaching, youth ministry, Sunday school, multi-media, and/or music [...]

111-04 Nigeria: Ministry

Nigeria: Bible School Instructor We are looking for a mature couple with pastoring experience that can instruct for Bible school with adult students.  Administrative skills needed.  Able to oversee operations of school for 3 months.  Nigeria is a challenging, yet rewarding field.  Housing and school are within 3 minutes walking distance. We [...]