517-01 Palau: Pastoral

Palau: Pastoral Ministry The Missionary is in need of a couple that can take an existing church and grow it. The current pastor is wanting to turn the work over to a couple which will enable her to go to another island a start a new work. The AIMers would be involved [...]

2111-01 Vietnam: Ministry

Vietnam: Bible Instructor Vietnam is in need of AIMers to help with apostolic Bible school training (i.e. teaching, administration, etc.). The AIMer(s) will be working in the major city with fellow Associate Missionary. Other opportunities for ministry include: Church planting, ministerial trainer, Preacher/Evangelist, worship, youth ministry, discipleship, administration, Language interpreter/translator, teaching English, [...]

4111-01 Switzerland: Ministry

Bern, Switzerland: Various Ministry Opportunities It order to meet the incredible open doors God has given us in this region, we are always looking for AIMers that are willing to step out by faith and do what they have never done before. Opportunities are endless. Do you want to assist in discipling [...]

4111-01 Benin/CAR: Ministry

Benin/CAR: Various Ministry Opportunities Missionaries Michael and Danan Benson are in need of a couple or team to help in various ministries in Benin/Central African Republic in Africa! They are looking for young adults willing to learn French and work with the nationals in children's and youth ministry as well as evangelism. [...]

1111-01 Senegal: Ministry

Senegal: Various Ministry Opportunities Enjoy meeting new people? Single/Couples/Families/Retirees - YOU are needed in the Harvest Field. Do you have a burden for souls? The work in Senegal is in the beginning stages. Think HOME MISSIONS in another country! They held their first services in October 2017 and just last year finally [...]

4111-10 Hungary: Ministry

Hungary: Various Opportunities We are looking for a single male or female to come and work in a new church plant in the capital city of Budapest, Hungary. The duties would include doing what is needed for outreach and services such as teaching Sunday school, church planting, music, teaching, cleaning, etc. The [...]

4111-09 Romania: Ministry

Romania: Various Ministry Opportunities Missionaries Daniel and Christine Patterson are looking for an experienced couple or individual for the following: Assistant in the capital city, Bucharest. Travel to churches and home groups in Romania. Assist/Lead with music, Sunday school, evangelism, home Bibles studies, teaching, preaching, literature, and facility upkeep. Working with other [...]

417-01 Switzerland: Ministry

Switzerland: Ministry We are requesting AIMers to help with the work in Zurich Switzerland as well as other ministry opportunities throughout Switzerland. We would love for a married couple or 2-3 single Aimers to come and work with the group of contacts here in Zurich while we are gone on deputation. Of [...]

4111-02 Germany: Ministry

Germany: Ministry  The Missionaries in Germany need you! They are in search of a mature and experienced couple or individual for the following during deputation: Pastor the Pentecostals of Munich, assist with AMTC and Purpose Institute Bible Schools, evangelism and outreach in Munich, and assist other pastors in Germany. Helpful to have [...]