5111-01 New Zealand: Ministry

Various Ministry Opportunities Missionaries Brandon and Mollie Borders are looking for someone willing to be a bit of a jack of all trades in New Zealand. Ideally, an AIMer would assist with their two children, Logan and Audrey, homeschooling, be preferably fluent in Spanish as they have a large and growing group [...]

454-01 Greece: Service

Greece: MK Homeschool Assistant Missionaries Joshua and Christene Moreno are looking for a motivated person to help in the homeschooling of their 2 children in Athens, Greece. In addition to helping with homeschooling, there are various opportunities to help in the ministry of the churches in Athens including music, children's ministry, administration [...]

653-01 Uruguay: Service

Uruguay: MK Homeschool Assistance Short-term AIMers (2-3 months) will reside in the city of San José de Mayo. The AIMer(s) will assist in community outreach projects such as Adult English Classes, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, city-wide Children's Day festival, and various other potential projects. The AIMer will also assist in the [...]

454-01 Czech Republic: Service

Czech Republic: MK Homeschool Assistant We are looking for a single young lady to come and help in the Czech Republic! Missionaries Matthew and Angie Buckland need an MK Homeschooling Assistant for their two children (K5 and 3rd grade). There are additional opportunities to be involved in Ladies Ministry, Sunday School, and Youth [...]

454-01 Republic of Georgia: Service

Republic of Georgia: MK Homeschool Assistant  Missionaries Daniel and Tabitha DeTemple are in need of a female single AIMer or AIM team to come to The Republic of Georgia - the country not the state! This AIMer would focus on the homeschool education of their daughter as well as helping to pick [...]

654-02 Brazil: Service

Brazil: Service We are looking for either an individual, couple, or AIM team to come and help in Brazil! Missionaries Ken and Isabel Cooper need an MK Homeschooling Assistant for MKs Justyn (10) and Janaey (5) for the 2018-2019 school year! Beneficial but NOT REQUIRED: Experience in children's ministry such as altar [...]

554-01 Fiji: Service

Fiji: MK Homeschool Assistant  Missionaries Troy and Jennette Wickett are in need of a single lady whose main focus would be to assist in education of their two school-aged chilren three times a week. They would like the AIMer to fit in well with the Missionary Kids and have a love for [...]

6111-01 Brazil: Ministry

Brazil: Various Opportunities We are looking to have an AIM task force come help us reach the nation of Brazil! We will take individual AIMers or a team. We would appreciate help from anyone with experience in children's ministry (such as altar working, crusades, puppets, etc), music, construction, administration, evangelism, church planting, [...]

454-02 Spain: Service

MK Home Schooling Missionaries Nathan and Tanya Harrod are looking for a single young lady whose main focus would be to assist in the schooling of their two children three times a week. They need somebody who would come and fit in well with the kids and have a love for children and [...]

454-01 Jordan: Service

Jordan: Home School Assistant This opportunity is for children's ministry and home-school teacher's assistant for nine months. This individual or couple must have a love for children, be willing to work in multiple church environments, as well as assisting with home-school and MK education. Tentative Budget $16,000 for nine months [...]