614-02 Uruguay: Ministry

Uruguay: Church Plant Assistance Long-term AIMers will reside in the city of San José de Mayo with the primary objective of assisting the Missionary family in a local church plant. Opportunities include preaching/teaching, Sunday School, music, assisting in local community outreach projects (Adult English Classes included), and volunteering at a local soup kitchen. [...]

653-01 Uruguay: Service

Uruguay: MK Homeschool Assistance Short-term AIMers (2-3 months) will reside in the city of San José de Mayo. The AIMer(s) will assist in community outreach projects such as Adult English Classes, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, city-wide Children's Day festival, and various other potential projects. The AIMer will also assist in the [...]

639-01 Uruguay: Career

Uruguay: Teaching We are looking for English Teachers to be AIMers here in San Jose de Mayo. We have already established private classes and also teaching in a private non-religious school four days a week (high school to kindergarten). Our current AIMers will be leaving soon and we want to continue the [...]