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6111-01 Brazil: Ministry

Brazil: Various Opportunities We are looking to have an AIM task force come help us reach the nation of Brazil! We will take individual AIMers or a team. We would appreciate help [...]

4111-09 Romania: Ministry

Romania: Various Opportunities We are looking for  a mature and experienced couple or individual for the following: Assistant in the capital city, Bucharest. Travel to churches and home groups in Romania. Assist/Lead [...]

139-01 Senegal: Career

Senegal: Teaching UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: We are looking for English Teachers to be AIMers here in the city of Dakar. This opportunity is unique because you would work through a local non-UPCI affiliated [...]

639-01 Uruguay: Career

Uruguay: Teaching We are looking for English Teachers to be AIMers here in San Jose de Mayo. We have already established private classes and also teaching in a private non-religious school four [...]

4111-07 Portugal: Ministry

Portugal: Multiple Opportunities We are looking for a single, couple, or family to come and work with us for three months in Portugal. The areas the AIMer(s) would be working in would [...]

111-04 Nigeria: Ministry

Nigeria: Bible School Instructor We are looking for a mature couple with pastoring experience that can instruct for Bible school with adult students.  Administrative skills needed.  Able to oversee operations of school [...]

637-01 Paraguay: Career

Paraguay: Teaching Teach in the school during the week, evaluating students' needs, ministry involvement on the weekends, etc. This AIM opportunity is open to a single or married couple for 10 months. [...]

5111-03 Vanuatu: Ministry

Vanuatu: Ministry Needful areas are Bible school teaching, preaching, administrative work, building skills, and other areas are welcome. This AIM opportunity is open to a single for 3 months. Tentative Budget [...]

439-01 Russia: Career

Moscow, Russia: Teaching Teaching at the International School of Tomorrow, ministry involvement in local churches on the weekends, etc for about 10 months. Further details upon inquiry. Tentative Budget $13,200 [...]

436-01 Jordan: Media

Jordan: Media We have opportunities for multi-media, graphic design, websites, and videography for six months. This individual or couple must be self-motivated, have experience, and/or a willingness to learn. Tentative Budget [...]

4111-03 Ireland: Ministry

Ireland: Ministry  Evangelism, children's ministry, music, Bible studies, visitor follow-up, building, administration, preaching, media, working with other AIMers, ministers, and missionaries, etc. Tentative Budget $14,100 for one year $3,600 for [...]

4111-02 Germany: Ministry

Germany: Ministry  Mature and experienced couple or individual for the following during deputation: - Pastor the Pentecostals of Munich - Assist with AMTC and Purpose Institute Bible Schools - Evangelism and outreach [...]

315-01 Haiti: Ministry

Haiti: Ministry  Multiple opportunities in evangelism, Bible School administration and teaching, manual labor, translating, etc. for six months. For a long term trip, language is required. Short term trips are open to [...]

339-01 Nicaragua: Career

Nicaragua: Teaching We have a unique opportunity for certified teachers to teach in The American Nicaraguan School (ANS). This would be an excellent opportunity for someone to spend a full school year [...]

332-01 Guatemala: Career

Guatemala: Administration We are looking for a male to assist with administration duties at the Guatemala Bible School, travel throughout the country to Bible School sites, supervise visiting Apostolic Man teams, help [...]

232-02 Japan: Career

Japan: Administration We need help with computer work, office work, and assist with youth and music. It is possible to teach English to supplement the income. We are asking for a single young [...]

236-02 Japan: Career

Japan: Graphic Design We are looking for a Graphic Designer. Must have a graphics design background and be proficient with Photoshop. Must be able to design and create posters, promotions, etc. We are looking [...]

236-01 Japan: Career

Japan: Media/ IT Specialist If you are a Media/ IT specialist, we need you in Japan! Must be able to perform tasks such as webpage design & management, along with video streaming [...]

232-01 Japan: Career

Japan: Missionary Administrative Assistant We are looking for a Missionary Administrative Assistant with proficient skills in technology, writing newsletters, correspondence, and scheduling travels (i.e. flights, hotel, etc.). We are looking for someone, [...]

136-01 Ghana: Career

Ghana: IT/Media Ministry We are looking for someone to work with multi media in the area of graphic design and videography. It is important that this individual has experience and/or the willingness [...]

111-01 Gabon: Ministry

Gabon: Teaching ECOLE DES DISCIPLES is a GATS school located in the beautiful city of Libreville, Gabon. This is a country ripe for revival. Superintendent Desiré, his leaders, and churches have been [...]